Books and Articles

Books and Dissertation

 Japanese Online Distance Education: Learners’ Perspectives
VDM Verlag Publishing, May 2008

Japanese Online Distance Learners’ Opinions and Learning Preferences:  A Mixed Methods Study
Ph.D. Dissertation submitted to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, August 2007

Dissertation Abstract (in Japanese)


New Time to Communicate
Nan’un-do Publishing, 2015

Movie Time!
Nan’un-do Publishing, 2011

Getting into English
(with Joseph Cronin)
Nan’un-do Publishing, 2010

Moving on with English
Nan’un-do Publishing, 2007

Review – Moving on with English
by Margarete Wells
The JALT Language Teacher 12/2008

 Time to Communicate
Nan’un-do Publishing, 2002

Review – Time to Communicate
by Justine Ross
The JALT Language Teacher 11/2004


Globalization, Technology and Distance Learning

Japan/Indonesia Intercultural Exchange in a Facebook Group
(With Septina Nur Iswanti)
JALT Language Teacher. 37 (2), March-April 2013, pp. 29-34

Mobile Computing and Educational Innovation in Japan (With Ferial Khaddage) Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2013

Mobile Apps Integration for Teaching and Learning Are Teachers Ready to Re-blend?
(With Ferial Khaddage and Christoph Lattemann)

オンライン通信教育学習者の満足度 (と青木久美子)
日本教育メディア学会 教育メディア研究 第16巻, 第2号, 2010, pp.17-31

Using Videomail (Vmail) Effectively in Online Intercultural Exchanges
CALL-EJ Online, Vol. 11, No. 2, February 2010

Predictors of Learning Satisfaction in Japanese Online Distance Learners
(With Kumiko Aoki and Larry Dlugosh).
International Review of Research in Online Distance Learning, Vol 9, No. 3 (2008)

Learning  Satisfaction of Japanese Online Distance Learners: Survey Results
(With Kumiko Aoki and Larry Dlugosh).
Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology in Higher Education and Training.
Kumamoto, Japan, July, 2007

Learning Styles of Distance Learners in Japan: Cultural considerations
(With Kumiko Aoki)
Conference Proceedings of the European Learning Styles Information Network “ 11th Annual Conference.
Oslo, Norway,  June, 2006

Cultural Influences on Online Learning in Japan
Conference Proceedings of the ICDE International Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education.
New Delhi, India, November, 2005

Current Issues in Online Distance Education
Yokkaichi University Journal of Environmental and Information Sciences. Vol. 8, 2005

Japanese Higher Education Internationalization Policy: 1983-2003
Yokkaichi University Journal of Environmental and Information Sciences. Vol. 7, 2004

Classroom Instruction

Doing role-play successfully in Japanese Classrooms
The Language Teacher. 32.2. March/April 2010. pp. 13-18

Using Task Journals with Independent Readers
English Teaching Forum, Vol. 20 #3, 2002

First Year students’ English Related Educational Background: Further Investigation.
Yokkaichi University Journal of Environmental and Information Sciences. Vol. 2 (2), 1999

First Year Students’ Background, Interests and Motivation: Before Instruction.
Yokkaichi University Journal of Environmental and Information Sciences. Vol. 1 (1,2), 1998

The Role of Explicit Instruction of English Phonology in Communicative Language Teaching.
Annals of the Research Center for General Education, Kansai University. 23, 1997

Using Reflection/Review Journals in Japanese Classrooms
The Language Teacher Issue 20, November 1996


Some Good Books for Reading and Reading Aloud
Bilingual Japan, Vol. 13 (1) 2004