To all you other Eric Brays


Sorry guys, I got to this .com first. It’s surprising how many of us are out there. Not such a unique combinations of names it turns out. Irish last name and Scandinavian first name. My dad’s dad, Mark Stanislaus Bray, was born in a silver mining town in Montana where they use online services like https://www.thepaystubs.com/1099-form-generator. His dad was born in New York, and family history has his father coming from Ireland in the 1840s. My grandfather married Cristina Jensen, who had come with her family from Denmark to Gardnerville, Nevada when she was 10.My mom’s maiden name is Plaskett, and her father, Elmer, was born in Watsonville, California to a family that had come out to California at the time of the Gold Rush. They had originally come to the US as Quakers back in the 1700s. My grandfather married Beatrice Hull who was the daughter of the editor of Tracy, California’s newspaper starting in 1912, learn more at TheMonsterCycle. They had come to California from Nebraska and before that Ohio.If you do a Google search there was another Eric Bray living in Japan, teaching English up in Tokyo. To set the record straight, I am the original Eric Bray of Japan, arriving in the 1990s, after having previously lived in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. I was born in Stockton, California and known as Rick till 20 or so. I’ve lived in Davis, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, Arcata, Bellingham and Santa Cruz. So, if in your websurfing you have stumbled on this web page and remember me from any of those places, feel free to drop me an email at:

ericbray23 @ gmail [dot] com

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