Kyudo (Japanese Archery)


Kyudo is a traditional Japanese martial art in which form takes precedence over accuracy. I have been practicing kyudo in the Nihon Renmei style for 15 years and currently hold the rank of 5th dan. Those interested in seeing some kyudo can click on the links below.


Clip 1 – When doing kyudo formally in a test or ceremony, the long form (taihai) is used where the kimono is prepared for shooting and one sits down while others shoot. This form takes about 10 minutes. (Mov. clip thanks to Suzuki-san)

Taihai (long form) (Quicktime)

Taihai (long form) (Windows)



Clip 2 – This is a 2 minute clip of one shot from the same two shot sequence shown in Clip 1, but from closer. (Mov. clip thanks to Joachim Oberhammer)

One shot – low res easy load (Windows or Mac)

One shot – (Quicktime)

Here is a video of me practicing at my dojo in October 2014. Four shots…two up close and two from afar.

If you are interested in learning more about Kyudo, here are some online articles:

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